TradingView bot automation FAQ and errors

We designed it so that each bot can handle all: enter long, exit long, enter short, exit short.

Bots are also absolutely good to be used for only longs or only shorts. (We use it this way when we have different strategy settings for longs/shorts). So, make sure the enters and exits are within the same bot.

What is a STRATEGY in TradingView?

Strategy script allows you to backtest the strategy.

What is a STUDY in TradingView?

Study script allows you to only create alerts. In some cases, it is more stable than the strategy script.

What is the difference between study and strategy in TradingView?

different purposes. different code.

What type of Script should I use to create a bot in TradingView?

Flip Strategy

The flip strategy itself can be fully created in Trading View, or you can just switch the signals on our platform so your Entry Short message will be Exit Long signals on TradingView. In that case both signals will be activated simultaneously.

Possible problems of bots

My bot is not triggered from TV alert.

One of the potential problems is that you used underscore sign _ in the NAME of the Bot. Please use dash sign - instead, for example "BOT-NAME".

Strategy alert problems

  1. When simultaneous strategy alerts take place, one of the alerts may not go through. We found a workaround for this TV problem. if you make alerts for longs and short separate, it will be ok. Treat Longs and Short with its entries and exits as 2 different strategies.

  2. Error with a log of alerts. Sometimes TV will not show the alert in the log file on TV, however, if you open the script on the graph you would be able to see this signal. Thus, it may appear that Wunderbit would open a position whereas TV does not show it in the log.