Subscription plans of Wunderbit Trading.

Subscription plans

All subscription plans with its feature comparison are available here:

You can start using Wunderbit Trading completely free, which will allow you to start with manual trading, trading bots and copy-trading. The other plans allow you to have more open positions, active bots and more advanced features.

Paid plans are very competitive. Plan pricing: Basic - $9.95; Pro - $24.95; Premium - $44.95 and of course buying a subscription for a longer period (3 months, 6 months and 12 months) will give you a substantial discount.

Being on any plan does not restrict you to either upgrade or downgrade to any plans with the immediate effect without losing the value.

Upgrading Your Plan

When you upgrading your current plan we will take into the account the number of days that are left on your current plan, recalculate their value and they will be added as a discount to the price of the plan that you are purchasing.


You are currently on the “Basic” plan and you have 10 days left. You would like to switch to the next level (Pro plan for $24.95). In this case, your 10 days will be converted into $3.31 ($9.95 / 30 * 10 = $3.31) and your final price of the “Pro” plan will be $21.64 ($24.95 – $3.31 = $21.64) At the same time the additional discount will be granted if you purchase the longer plan.

Downgrading Your Plan

The downgrade is also possible and it will also take into the account the number of remaining days of your current plan.


If you currently have “Premium” plan for $44.95 and you have 10 days left, that would be recalculated as $14.98 ($44.95 / 30 * 10 =$14.98). Switching to the “Pro” plan will give you this amount as a discount and the final bill will be 9.97$. At the same time, if you will decide to switch to the “Basic” plan, your remaining amount will give you 45 days for free.

Payment Methods

At the moment we accept payment in bitcoin only. Please make sure that your account for the transaction commission when you will pay for the plan.


You can find our refund policy by following this link:


What will happen if I don't renew or switch a plan?

Your account will downgrade once the subscription plan expires. All features and account limits will be triggered.

How does the downgrade work?

Once the downgrade takes place all account limitations will be applied. For example, if you were on a Premium plan and had 20 bots enabled, switching to Free plan will leave only 2 bots enabled, others will be disabled and all open positions of that bots will be closed.

Bot disable principles

First, bot closure will be applied to bots with features that are not included in the new plan and then earliest created.