Copy-trading guide and terms on Wunderbit Trading.
Quick guide to start crypto copy trading using the free Wunderbit Trading platform.



Allow other users to copy your trades. Earn your commission from copy-trading (coming soon).


Copy the best traders or specific bots.

What a Copy-Trader needs to follow a Trader?

1. An account on the same exchange as the trader; 2. Positive balance of cryptocurrency chosen as the base currency of the API profile.


  1. To follow Wunderbit USDT (Binance) – have a Binance account with a USDT balance and choose base currency USDT for that API Profile.

  2. To follow Wunderbit BTC (Binance) – have a Binance account with BTC balance and choose base currency BTC for that API Profile.

  3. To follow Wunderbit Futures (FTX) – have a Binance account with a USD balance and choose base currency USD for that API Profile.

Terms (coming March 2021, currently all copy-trading is free of charge)

Trader's commission is set in $ by the Trader and can be found in the Marketplace. All subscriptions are 30 days.

Traders get paid once a month on the 15th day of the month for the previous month.

The Trader must make at least 20 completed strategies during at least 30 days after registration to become visible for Copy-traders.

Wunderbit Trading fee is 5% or 5$ (whatever is higher) of the Trader's commission and is charged to the Copy-trader. Example: Trader's commission is 50$, then Wunderbit fee is 5$.