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  • Trader's public page. Every crypto trader now has a publicly available page with all API profiles and bots, including all stats and performance metrics.

  • Referrals. The referral system is finally available. To find your referral link go to Referral tab. Traders can now refer to other users and will earn later as payments for copy-trading are introduced.

  • Enhanced statistics in the marketplace. We introduced new parameters that will help you to identify the best bots and traders on the platform. Users can now filter the marketplace by the number of completed deals in combination with profit factor and the total profit in dollars and afterwards look into the crypto trading strategies of a single trader or bot.

  • Improved bot signal receiver mechanism.

  • Infrastructure stability improvements.

β€πŸŽ 4-08-2020


  • Email notification settings.

β€πŸŽ 3-08-2020


  • PnL statistics of strategy and Marketplace fixed.

β€πŸŽ 30-07-2020


  • Copy-trading v2.1

    • Copy-traders can copy unlimited traders and bots

    • Free test-drive for copy-traders

    • Traders compete for followers

    • Single cabinet for all users

  • Multiple Take Profit targets


  • Minor bug fixes.

β€πŸŽ 21-07-2020 – coming update details

Copy-trading V2 Update 1 (23 Jul 2020)

  1. Single cabinet for all

    1. Investors' accounts will be migrated to the trader's accounts. Only 1 type of account will be available in the future.

    2. Investors’ data (previous trades and copy-trading activity) will be removed.

  2. Copy-trading will be based on signals. Traders will not see profile details of their copy-traders.

    1. Trader's actions over copy-traded strategies will take place only if that relates to open or close of the position.

    2. If a trader makes an edit of open trade, details of the update will NOT be sent to copy-trader

    3. A copy-trader can make an edit of any copy-traded strategy

  3. Trader’s tab of Marketplace will be changed from account-based statistics to API profiles based statistics. Thus if a trader has 3 API connected in his cabinet, each of the API will be shown in the Marketplace as a separate account available for copy-trading.

  4. We encourage traders to allow copying their trades free of commissions until next release. This is an amazing opportunity for traders to start growing their copy-traders community. Once the second release is out, Trader's will be able to set their commissions and get paid for copy-trading.

Role details and terms can be found in documentation https://docs.wunderbit.co/traders/copy-trading​

Copy-trading V2 Update 2 (ETA mid-august 2020)

  1. Introduction of balances

    1. Every user that is starting copy-trading activity will have a balance account in USD stablecoins.

  2. Transparent history of connections between traders and copy-traders.

  3. The full history of commission payments and fees.

Copy-trading V2 Update 3 (ETA late august 2020)

  1. Referral system for copy-traders

β€πŸŽ 06-07-2020


  • KuCoin exchange added

  • Limit entries for bots. This feature will allow you to set Bid / Ask / Last price for the limit entries. You could also select the price deviation from the signal of entry. [FTX and Deribit only]

limit order for bots
  • The fixed trading amount for bots. Now your bot can use the fixed amount for trading and would you leverage to make sure that the amount that you inputted would stay constant. [FTX and Deribit only]

fixed amount for bots
  • Tooltips for entry and exit prices. These tooltips will show you the entry end exit timestamps and also highlight if the exit price was executed by take-profit / stop-loss/ trailing stop and if the action was executed by trader or bot.

order details
  • Swing Trade. You can now easily swing your position in the opposite direction from the dashboard.

swing trade
  • Market Enter. This feature is available in the dashboard when you placed the limit order but your price was not filled and the market reversed. With a click of the button, you can execute your order using the market price.

market enter


  • Minor bug fixes.